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In The Heart of Texas...

Project Breakdown

Artifications is structured to help art communities, Achieve higher customer engagement by producing documentaries celebrating their local history. Our highly scripted docs work with regional organizations to refine the narrative around celebrating the local. We will focus our lenses on your area's local history, celebrate the neighborhoods where art flourishes, and you, as a member of one of these fantastic communities, have a chance to participate in the retelling of its story. ​​

Commercial Package - $450

  • One edited Interview that includes all of our questions.

  • A commercial focusing on the facilities positive attributes 

Regional Package - $2000

  • Five selected location based interviews

  • A Regionally-focused segment exploring its historical significance. 

  • Five smaller commercials focusing on the positive attributes of each of the Five facilities.



  • Grow Awareness and  Loyalty

    • Capture your brands story in a dynamic in your linkedin 

  • Deepen relationships with Industry professionals

    • Our content promotes direct engagement with a Hard to Ignore Format

  • Measure the impact of our Documentaries

    • We provide Statistical information on your documentary's performance. 

We Know What it takes to Produce a Quality Short Documentary?

  • We believe your city deserves to have a focus outside the more touristy art destinations.​

  • We focus on the distinguishes your cities history from everywhere else. 

  • We then Hyper focus on regions depending on our schedule our interviews. 

  • Our dedicated packages are managable and  

We Know What it takes to Produce a Quality Short Documentary?

  • We believe your city deserves to have a focus outside the more touristy art destinations.

  • What is the history of the Dallas Area? How a small town named after a settler became Dallas.

  • How did the history of Dallas influence and inspire the local art scene?

  • How did the Bishop art district and other art districts get their designation? How have they helped their communities?


Goal 2. Together We are Recording History!

  • Our interview style is super easy, and zero stress on the interviewee.

  • We record our interview from Two different angles, for dynamic content. 

  • The Questions we ask inform and inspire artists to explore Dallas Texas for themselves.

  • We create value by folding the story of your love of art with the story of your local community's development. 

Goal 3. Historically Insightful Scriptwriting

  • What is the special thing that makes your location stand out?

  • How does the history of your area influence its future growth?

  • What does your location's history say about the potential future of your facility?

Goal 4. Quality Sound Recording

  • Individual Tascam TL-10 body-worn Lapel microphones.

  • Maximize your experience with a localized Podcast involving your facility

  • Secondary sound sourcing from Canon Mark IV 5D Microphone

  • Plenty of options for collaborations

Goal 5. Learn to Navigate Like a Local

  • Who do we recommend for local openings?

  • Cities are a collection of neighborhoods; what makes yours unforgettable?

  • We inform our viewers what web outlets to use to find out about local goings on.

  • What makes your place unique? Help us express your shine!

Goal 6. A New Approach to Art Marketing

  • Creating documentaries celebrating the best of a city's culture is amazing!

  • Our ever expanding list of participating cities, galleries and artists keeps things Fresh!

  • Working with a myriad of organizations in your location creates a wide creative network. 

  • We are who we know, and each documentary introduces viewers to your life's work.

Goal 7. Discover Your New Favorite Art Destination

  • There are numerous art facilities to enjoy and appreciate the world over!

  • We encourage and empower viewers to engage with the places we see. 

  • Travelers are encouraged to visit and explore your city's art district.

  • What special stories do you have about your city that you would like to share?

Goal 8. Capture the Vibrancy of every city we explore!

  • We work with a variety of footage to feature the beauty of your location 

Goal 9:

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