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Music Publishing

Artifications has always used privately created music. The use of private music just makes things easier by removing the speculation around music ownership and the issues generated by not owning it 100%. The proliferation of recording software has streamlined access to creativity. 

The below list is a collection of the most recent productions.

about to drop


Forbidden Fruit

"18 Years"

Special Release Slated for September 2nd, 2021

Forbidden Fruit, the Reggae Soul four-piece musical group based out of northern New Jersey is excited to release its first studio release in years. 18 Years is a collection of songs written in the back of a bar in Teaneck, NJ during the band's hey-day in 2004.

Roland Ramos

"The Lost and Found"

"The Lost and Found" was recorded at Prescription studios in New Jersey, and released October 19th, 2020. It is a collection of song based on the energies of the chakra system. 

"The Lost and Found"  is comprised of 6 songs, each corresponding to a particular energy center.  

This album was recorded with great assistance by the @QueenofLoveAndHope

Roland Ramos

"The Intention"

Released April, 2017, "The Intention" was recorded at Prescription Recording  in New Jersey. The Album was designed by NJ artist Jenny Harada, and recalls the 10 sephirot of the Kabbalistic Tree of life.

Roland Ramos


"Peoples" is an album about living and growing in Jersey City, New Jersey.  Released July 29th 2014, this collection of songs was recorded by Roland Ramos in the comforts of his home environment. 

An audible caricature of the fantastic characters i interacted with as an artist and producer. A love letter to the self ascribed 6th Borrow. 

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