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Artifications has numerous kinds of productions; Including our series of Documentaries, our Audio podcasts,

and our Creatives Section. Find them below, and don't forget to share and subscribe. 


Artifications Explores the Contemporary New Orleans Art Scene
Artifications Explores the Berkshires
Artifications: From Portsmouth to Portland
Artifications Explores the Berkshires
Madeline Gent- Exec.Director of Associated Artists of Pittsburgh
Interviews: KariLyn McLellan & Lauren Y. Watrous
Musings on Brattleboro's Contemporary Art Scene
Interview with Randy Gilson of Randyland in Pittsburgh, PA

Artifications Podcast

Founded December 2016, Sonoma County, CA. 
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The Creatives Section
One of the most important bylaws of being a creative is ABC: Always Be Creating. 
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