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The Wild West Art Scenes of Denver: Art District of Santa Fe

This may just be the longest title thus far in the series. Its nice to have this Blog outlet available to us. There are so many ways to get our voices heard, and we can not overlook new and exciting technologies.

Denver is wild! It's the beginning of the Wild West, The gateway to the West for many. Some came to know it from panning on the shores of the South Platte River, looking for flakes of gold. That dried up fast, and the town became a supply stop. the history is long and varied, and we are still in the midst of its sizable spread.

This was the first town I ever visited open creating Artifications as an idea. I arrived into town with a Zoom H4N, some editing software, a penchant for creating a narrative, and no fear of jumping into the Deep end of everything i was brand new too. This all took place around New years 2017. I met with So many talented people from the Denver Arts Society, Megafauna and Rinoceropolis. It was shortly after the Ghostship fire in Oakland, CA; a horrible situation where a fire engulfed a crowded art collective, killing many people inside. This lead to a national clamp down of Arts facilities, especially places run by artists where safety may be second to inspiration. You can hear this podcast below.

This visit had more to do with examining what the city held for artists at all levels. We wanted to explore the aspects of the city that would propel civic art-focused initiatives to go ahead like 40West Arts? Truly a shining example of Community organizations recognizing the values of arts culture in their city. I wonder what kind of model they followed?

This will not be my last visit to Colorado. In fact, the next visit to the state will require a turn south to explore Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Taos; all lovely destinations in themselves. I am sure Colorado has many more hidden gems. What we need to do is ask the right questions, like; is there a style of art unique to Colorado? Is there a city or particular location that celebrates the Colorado school of art? So much to look up, but for now.... back to editing!

I look forward to hearing your feedback!

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