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Examining Martha's Vineyard

When I first went to Martha's Vineyard (MV), I was not expecting its accessibility. Landing in Oak Bluffs was a pleasure. The little town that welcomed us was busy and welcoming. The feeling in the air was one of appreciation. a "When you're here, you're family" pervades most of the island.

West Tisbury and the Artisan Festival was a wonderful experience. Just across the street, a walking path showed us through many different farms in mid-Island. The people we interacted with were jovial and crafty. This was important because what distinguishes the Artisan Festival from all others is the authenticity of the local artists; they all live on the Island full time.

Edgartown was quite a different animal. Most of the galleries had been alerted to our arrival. Those who had not were warm, but turned cold and busy once they realized we were not there to buy. An aire of entitlement was wafting through some of our interactions. No matter; what I have learned through time is art lovers appreciate the world in which an artist creates, knowing full well that they may not inhabit it themselves.

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