Finding the Light in the Provincetown Art Scene

This documentary on the Provincetown Art Scene is the latest in the series and counts as the third documentary released in this season 5. Seasons are compiled by the number of editing jobs I can handle at any one time. It takes countless hours to edit these pieces, and I am so excited to have an editor on board to put these gnarly pieces together on my behalf, leaving me to focus on communications with a myriad of entities.

First, this place is amazing! It is fascinating to imagine the first arrivals to the area, hauling in troves of cod fish. It has left an indelible impression on the fabric of the town. It remains small, historic, and protected by the sea. Once word of this lovely location spread fa, it became host to the oldest art colony in the Americas.Everyone was fawning about the light. Its a splendor that can be easy to miss if consumed by the islands pulsing nightlife.

This entry marks our first "Artifications Resource Map", providing a broad overview of the areas resources. Taking stock of what you need to know on what the local scene has to offer. For local openings and events, its best to Ptown Events or PMag are good resources to use while planning your trip. We would love to hear your feedback on this map in the blog section comments below.

The bottom line is that Ptown (as it is better known locally) is a fantastic location for showing art. The town is filled with both peace and parties, and the movement between East and West Commercial St. is quite fluid and constant. If you can get here, great, if you can show your work here, even better. If you can simply arrive and appreciate all the galleries and artists in the town, you are already a winner.

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