Brattleboro as a Bastion for Art in Southern Vermont,

Its stark natural beauty has an undeniable draw to the area. Its location along the Connecticut River, or, quinetucket. As the native Americans called it was home to the Various Abenaki tribes, for thousands of years, until 1724, when the Fort Dummer was constructed just south of the downtown area. It took the name Brattleboro, After William Brattle, a principle proprietor of the area.

To appreciate Brattleboro, is to appreciate its how photogenic it is, to feel the harmony that exists between nature, local artists, and the institutions tasked with capturing all this creative energy. One such bastions of creativity is visible from all directions when heading into the heart of town; The BMAC. It is one of many cultural institutions located in toqn, making it a great place to stay for some time.

It was the first of many places that left an indelible mark on my memory. The loveliness of the outdoors and the location along the river made for a powerful esthetic vibe. The absence of big-business stores in town, made one feel almost at home with the small town feel. The restaurants in town are mostly wonderful, and the brewers in town make Brattleboro a beer lovers first stop in Vermont.

Like all towns, nothing is perfect. We are not searching for perfection because there is no such thing. All arts economies tell a different story. Our goal is just to help people familiarize themselves with them and envision themselves participating in them. I hope you can use this documentary on the town to do just that.

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