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Brattleboro as a Bastion for Art in Southern Vermont.

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

This page hosts An Interactive Artists Resource Map of the Brattleboro, Vermont. Directly below you will find video interviews with Brattleboro based artists and gallery owner/operators, including:

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Interactive Map of Artist Resources in Brattleboro, VT

Brattleboro packs a lot of art into a small place.

Its stark natural beauty has an undeniable draw to the area. Its location along the Connecticut River, or, quinetucket. As the native Americans called it was home to the Various Abenaki tribes, for thousands of years, until 1724, when the Fort Dummer was constructed just south of the downtown area. It took the name Brattleboro after William Brattle, a Principle proprietor to the area.

A Super Short History of Brattleboro

To appreciate Brattleboro, is to appreciate its how photogenic it is, to feel the harmony that exists between nature, local artists, and the institutions tasked with capturing all this creative energy.

One such bastions of creativity is visible from all directions when heading into the heart of town; The BMAC. It is one of many cultural institutions located in town, making it a great place to stay for some time.

The Brattleboro Museum and Art Center is a Cultural Anchor.

The Brattleboro Museum and Art center, more affectionately referred to as the BMAC is pretty much a starting point for the arts in town. It hosts the kind of fantastic exhibitions one plans a cultural calendar around. Brattleboro is especially lovely in the fall, and Vermont is the perfect place to be to experience changing leaves.

The absence of big-business stores in town and a relaxed approach to service can leave one feeling almost at home immediately. The restaurants in town are mostly wonderful, and the multiple local brewers make Brattleboro a beer lovers first stop in Vermont.

Brattleboro lives along the banks of the Connecticut River.

It was along a tributary to this river that we encountered the River Gallery School of Art, and had a wonderful interview with its director, Donna C Dawes. We take a walk through this historic school, whose rooms have taught art to children for generations now.

Friday Night Art Studio Time with KariLyn and Lauren

That Friday evening I spent creating art with local artists KariLyn McLellan & Lauren Y. Watrous. Their group of artists meets up in the downstairs gallery area of the River Gallery School of Art, where Lauren is a teacher.

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Vermont Artisan Designs

The main thoroughfare of Brattleboro is Main St. It is lined with many tall brick edifices

that come straight out of a ski catalog.

One of these buildings houses Vermont Artisan Designs. Here you will find Three floors packed with fantastic fine art and craft; enough to make one feel that their visit to Southern VT worth the trip.

Modern Dance is well Represented in Vermont....

There are so many styles of art represented in Brattleboro, including Modern Dance. This where we visit the Brattleboro School of Dance. Director Struthers used to attend classes as a child here, and now she is back as the director. Director Struthers brings many years experience working with modern dance groups in New York to the natural surroundings of southern VT.

Joshua Farr and the VCP

All arts are reflected in Brattleboro. For those who are interested in photography, the areas first and last stop is Vermont Center for Photography. Manager Joshua Farr is a fountain of information for everyone who come through the door. The facilities display area is wonderfully large and well lit. The location has a dark room, educational facilities and a fascinating gear area.

Brattleboro Wrap Up

Its inviting winter scenes and lovely architecture, Brattleboro is pretty close to a perfect year round town. It was just a great city where art seems to be directly tied in with its economy. All arts economies tell a different story. Our goal is just to help people familiarize themselves with them and envision themselves participating in them. I hope you can use this page to plan your outings when you do decide that Brattleboro will be your next art destination.

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