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A Fascinating Interview with Maya Simmons of the Old Slave Mart Museum in Charleston.

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Maya Simmons is the Social Media Director for the Old Slave Mart Museum in Charleston, SC.  This interview is insightful in myriad ways. We focus a lot on the history of Charleston, and how intergenerational wealth has shaped the contemporary Charleston art scene. 

This interview is one in a series of interviews exploring the Charleston, SC  art scene. We interview numerous gallery owners and artists on various issues, including access to exhibitions, studios and upward mobility. 

Please learn more by following the link to the podcast. Learn more about Maya Simmons at her linkedin  page:

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Artifications is the brainchild of Roland Ramos, a Brooklyn based musician and producer. 

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Take a moment and enjoy this fascinating interview with Maya Simmons, Social Media Director for the Old Slave Mart Museum.

There is a lot to learn about the history of this majestic city. It was named after then King Charles II of England. Listen in as we discuss a few aspects of Charleston's history as it pertains to slavery; including such topics as Denmark Vesey, the founding of the Citadel, The Gullah Geechee Community, and some estimations on the long standing effects of intergenerational wealth. We do our best to distill this history into a quarter hour discussion on the contemporary art market of Charleston, and how it relates to other regions.




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