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Baltimore: We are here to tell YOUR Story!

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How to Get Involved

Artifications has created numerous documentaries exploring art scenes all over the world, and this time its your turn, Baltimore! We love to work with gallery owners, curators and artists by interviewing them to not only showcase amazing local art, but to create insight into the local histories. To do this, our goal is to interview as many institutions as we can. Because each and every one of you contributes to that history. 

We will be in town between:

October 8th, noon through 9pm, 

October 9th, noon through 9pm

October 10th, Noon through 4pm. 

Specifically, we are looking to promote the following locations, for those of you who are passionate about your local scene!

  • Fells Points

  • Inner Harbor

  • Baltimore Downtown

  • The Station North Arts District

Choose your Package

Gallery Promotional Video Package

The value of having a quality produced video is integral to promoting ones gallery. We would love the opportunity to come by, and shot your facility, in and out. Then, we would like to conduct a short interview with someone knowledgeable about your space, and put them together for you to use. We will deliver One Edited with an interview, and one Vernissage Style. We are available to you for specific reedits. 

City Profile Video Licenses
What do we think it's worth for a city or state to have a professionally produced video that encourages people who enjoy art to travel there? With the quality of the overall documentary you're going to be creating, I think access to that is at least worth $750 a month. Plus, you may even want to create a custom package for instead of using the footage as you have put it together for the documentary, they could choose custom editing (if you want to offer that, because I know editing isn't your fav) and get a unique output. Although for that, I would probably charge at least $4500. And think...if each CITY bought that, then all the gallery income would be pure profit ;)

Make a Donation

I would make this available on the page to people who want to donate to the cause but don't feel like they fit into one of the packages. 

How Do we Benefit.......


Business Organizations


We will take as many appointments as we can, but we will absolutely prioritize the facilities recommended by the Chamber of Commerce

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