Was founded in December 2016, in Sonoma County, CA. The decision to create Artifications was born in the demise of a previous project. I had taken on the role of producer and editor. Once that project had stalled, the path as clear: If the vision was to be fulfilled, I would have to empower-myself and take on all aspects of production, assuming all roles and responsibilities. 

Thus began the process of becoming a journalist. I tied my knowledge of audio production to my writing strengths, and formulated a vision. Even in its infancy, i knew that Artifications would never be a static thing. This collection of audio podcasts captures the storytelling that only audio can deliver. This combined with the unrestrained time element that often accompanies podcasts made this an alluring option. 

A year later, the format would change to video. This shift would usher in a wave of international mobility. The simple truth "Art is best conveyed in its preferred medium" means that video was the natural progression for the podcast.