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Our overall goal is to make the art world more accessible. ​

Artifications is a resource for travelers and artists alike. These resources come to the user as Interactive Maps on cities they want to visit, numerous interviews with a range of artists, gallery owners, and curators from around the world. Our fantastic blog and our series of documentaries that brings this all together!! 


It is our mission to provide artists and travelers with information on art scenes round the world. The Multimedia experience offers opportunities for travelers to preview how they will experience art and culture in a destination and offer information on how to enter the local arts economy.

Our Goals

- Provide the audience with access points in the art scene.

- Place the Art scene in a historical, social and cultural context.

- Synergize involvement between viewer and location

- Represent the aesthetic virtues of the location. 


Artifications is a Multi-media documentary series that explores art scenes around the world, providing viewers with insight on the local art community’s history and cultural context, accessibility to travelers, and opportunities for artists seeking to show their work in new cities. An Artifications publication keeps the focus on three main issues: contemporary art, history, and the localized arts economies that exist around them. We offer a sketch of the contemporary art market through the many interviews we conduct with artists, galleries, museums, and collectives

Nearly every community’s art scene is deeply rooted in and contextualized by its history, culture, and economic dynamics. Art is a window into how a region, city, or neighborhood understands itself and expresses its identity, its aspirations, and its conflicts.


For travelers, exploring an art scene is a way to connect with a place and experience a community’s authentic self-expression. Artifications offers this audience a well-researched, contextualized preview and a set of tools for exploring a community through its art.

For artists, Artifications uses these same tools to help determine how well a body of work might fit into a community’s scene, along with resources for how to submit to galleries and arts events.

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